Our Ethics

 From the heart…


Yes, every Mainie is lovingly designed and created to be a cherished heirloom piece – so sensual to touch and easy to wear in a plethora of different ways.

However, what really makes Mainie so special is its Indigenous Australian cultural identity and inter-generational story telling.

How, you may ask?

Every artisan crafted, hand finished garment features ethically sourced, beautiful works of art, created by Aboriginal women artists whose paintings depict age-old Dreamtime stories.

Mainie values this gift of being able to keep the flame alive and doesn’t just embrace socially responsible fashion ethics but is completely committed to making a real difference.

From the outset Mainie was geared to support the economic empowerment of traditional Aboriginal women artists from isolated Outback communities who are now earning an independent income while preserving their cultural heritage for future generations. 

Mainie is an approved Dealer Member of the Indigenous Art Code which is a commitment to always conduct business with Indigenous artists to the highest standards of ethics and respect. 

All commercial arrangements with Aboriginal artists are governed by formal contractual agreements in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code, whereby the artists retain the copyright to their own original art designs.  Royalties are paid to the Aboriginal artists and their families.

Mainie is also a Supply Nation certified Indigenous business verifying that Mainie is Indigenous owned and operated and based in Australia.