Mainie is an approved Dealer Member of the Indigenous Art Code. 

The Indigenous Art Code sets the standards of conduct for those involved in the trade of Indigenous art to ensure that they act fairly, honestly, professionally and in good conscience at all times when dealing with Indigenous artists.

Signing the Indigenous Art Code is a commitment by sellers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art to build strong, ethical and sustainable Indigenous art commerce and to end exploitation, which takes advantage of artists and negatively impacts communities.
As a signatory to the Indigenous Art Code, Mainie is committed to always conduct our business with Indigenous artists with the highest standards of ethics and respect.

Mainie’s commercial arrangements with Aboriginal artists are governed by formal contractual agreements in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code, whereby the Aboriginal artists retain the copyright to their original art designs. 

The formal art licensing agreements cover:

  • Purchase of original artworks at a fair price as set by the artists
  • Licensing to allow for the reproduction of original artwork images onto Mainie products.
  • Payments of artist royalties 


Aboriginal Artists


Mainie sources original artworks from Aboriginal owned and controlled art centres in remote communities in Central Australia.  The communities are located on the ancestral homelands of the artists, where there is an unbroken connection to their traditional Aboriginal culture and languages.

Our mission is to support Aboriginal women artists to earn an independent income from their own work.  We are committed to creating sustainable opportunities for women living in isolated and disadvantaged Aboriginal communities to preserve for future generations the sacred Dreaming stories, that have been handed to them through many generations of their ancestors over tens of thousands of years.

Mainie has acquired a number of significant artworks from the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, a world-renowned art centre, which is located on the traditional homelands of the Warlpiri Aboriginal people at the Yuendumu community about 290 kilometres from Alice Springs.  

Establihed in 1985, Warlukurlangu has long been a stronghold for the preservation of the ancient Warlpiri culture and language.  

The Warlpiri people from the remote Tanami Desert region of Central Australia were some of the last Aboriginal people to make first contact with Europeans.  To this day, the Warlpiri people continue to speak their own language and maintain the customs and traditions of their ancestors.

Due to the impeccable provenance of the artworks created by the Warlukurlangu Artists, their paintings are highly sought after by major fine art galleries and museums around the world.

To learn more about our Central Australian Artists, please select from the list below:

Alicka Napanangka Brown

Bessie Nakamarra Sims

Christine Nakamarra Curtis 

Geraldine Napangardi Granites

Jeanie Napangardi Lewis

Joy Nangala Brown

Long Maggie Nakamarra White

Mary Napangardi Gallagher

Nicole Napaljarri Stevens

Rosina Napurrurla White

Valma Nakamarra White


The Mainie Collection also features an artwork design by a Yidinji Aboriginal artist, Barbara Mundraby from Far North Queensland.

To learn more about Barbara Mundrabry, please click on the link below:

Barbara Mundraby